Historic admission changes to our Grammar School 11+ exams

Historic changes have been made to the admission policies for the five King Edward VI Grammar Schools at Aston, Camp Hill Boys, Camp Hill Girls, Five Ways and Handsworth Girls in order to promote entry to pupils who are on free school meals. This initiative has been driven by the charity, The Schools of King Edward VI in Birmingham, which wishes to widen access to its schools to disadvantaged children.

The Government wishes to improve the social mobility of children in the UK and has urged selective schools to consider how their admission policies could be changed to achieve this. The King Edward VI Grammar Schools have applied to the Department for Education which can allow them to give preference in their policies, to children who are on free school meals, or have been at any point in the last six years.

The charity has also been working with all of its eight schools to engage with primary schools across the City with programmes that encourage their children and members of staff to visit the schools to enjoy many varied activities from literacy and maths training to drama, science, languages and use of sports facilities. In addition the grammar schools will be offering familiarisation sessions which will introduce children from less privileged backgrounds to the idea of attending a grammar school and will encourage them to take the 11+.

All of the Grammar Schools have set themselves a target of a 20% intake of children on free school meals (Aston has already achieved this and has a target of 25%). The expansion of the grammar schools which was announced earlier this year means that these additional children will simply fill the additional space.

The charity has also increased grant funding to its two independent schools in Edgbaston, King Edward’s School and King Edward VI High School for Girls to enable them to provide more free and assisted places to families on low incomes.