An objection to the proposal to widen access into the five free King Edward VI Grammar Schools has now been resolved by the Department for Education. This means that Aston, Camp Hill Boys, Camp Hill Girls, Handsworth Girls and Five Ways can now offer increased opportunities for bright children on free school meals who take the entrance test next Saturday, 6th September.

Children applying for a place at any of the King Edward VI Grammar Schools must now achieve a minimum “qualifying score” in the test to be eligible for entry.

Any Looked After Child or previously Looked After Child (a child who is or has been in the care of the Local Authority) who achieves the “qualifying score” will be given priority for admission for up to 20% of the available places (25% at Aston).

Children eligible for Pupil Premium (those who have been registered for Free School meals at any point in the 6 years prior to the closing date for registration, 11 July 2014) who achieve the “qualifying score” will also be given priority for admission.

After this allocation, children not eligible for the Pupil Premium but who achieve the “qualifying score” will be admitted by rank order of scores until all places are filled.

John Collins, Secretary to the Governors of the charity The Schools of King Edward VI in Birmingham said “This is a hugely challenging target which we do not expect to achieve in the first few years of the initiative, as currently there are relatively few free school meal pupils who apply to take the test. These low numbers are something we are trying to address with our “familiarisation” programme which seeks to encourage bright children from less privileged backgrounds to take the test.”

Parents are advised to visit for further information which is available under the Admissions section of the website.

Qualifying scores for each School are set out below:

Qualifying ScoreMaximum Number of Pupil Premium Places*Total Number of Places
King Edward VI Aston School20430120
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys21524120
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls20930150
King Edward VI Five Ways School20036180
King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls20932160

*Aston 25%