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Former Chief Master wins Lifetime Achievement Award

In 2006, John Claughton became chief master of King Edward’s School, Birmingham, where he was a pupil in the 1970s. During his tenure he has made a long-lasting impact on both the school and education in the region. His commitment to accessibility has made the school the most socially and ethnically diverse independent school in the country. It has completed one of the largest-ever bursary fundraising campaigns and raised £10 million to fund 100 additional assisted places, trebling the amount available each year before his arrival.


The school works with more than 11,000 state-educated primary school children and 450 teachers from 190 schools each year. Initiatives include city-wide maths competitions, with entries from 110 state primaries. As the demographic of the school changed, John recognised a new curriculum was needed. In 2010, the school abandoned A-levels and took up the International Baccalaureate Diploma. This has brought great success in exam results and it won the Sunday Times International Baccalaureate School of the Year 2015 award.

John Claughton retired in the summer of 2016 and Dr. Mark Fenton is the new Chief Master at King Edward’s School.