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Handsworth Grammar School start “Legacy” project

This academic year, Handsworth Grammar started its own social action project called LEGACY. The object of this programme is to establish competing teams, each with their own social action project, to raise awareness of and/or improve, however little, the lives of people in the community. The two teams are Project Reform and Project Switch and comprise twenty students from Year 12.

Members of ‘Project Reform’ are working to tackle the issue of ‘homelessness’ in Birmingham, whilst ‘Project Switch’ aim to raise awareness amongst young people about knife crime and how to avoid becoming a victim. To date ‘Project Reform’ has organised a bake sale and raised over £120. ‘Project Reform’ have also begun to make their digital story and are currently filming at various location, both on and off-site.

‘Project Switch’ has worked in consultation with two final year ‘Digital Media’ students from the University of Birmingham, to shape their message for the digital story (short film) they are making and how best to raise awareness and gain support for their cause. They also filmed their digital story, at various locations round the school, and are currently on the editing phase.





The aim of these digital stories is to present to Headmaster Dr. Bird along with a short PowerPoint presentation, to pitch for funding from the school to help start their campaign. The pitching challenge will be taking place by the end of December, before the Christmas holidays.

Good luck to both teams.