King Edward VI Balaam Wood Academy donates over 300 blazers for Rubery Schools Community Swop Shop

September 1st saw Balaam Wood School join the Schools of King Edward VI Academy Trust and become King Edward VI Balaam Wood Academy.

This summer the school had new external signage installed with a new logo which has been applied to new blazers for every child at the school. The old blazers and other uniform such as PE Kits and ties have been donated to a new initiative, intended to help families by providing free school uniforms, shoes, coats and anything else that may be required.

Headteacher Damian McGarvey with Rubery Schools Community Swop Shop founder Kristina Murphy‘Rubery Schools Community Swop Shop’ is the brainchild of Kristina Murphy, a local resident and previous senior leader in schools, who realised that there was a desperate need for uniforms that were more affordable for families in the area.

Kristina comments “Parents told us how their children had been bullied because they have holes in their jumpers, or their bags had been ripped and they couldn’t afford new ones’. Being heavily involved in the local community, King Edward VI Balaam Wood Academy were more than happy to ensure that their surplus uniform was donated and re-used, rather than going to waste.

Mr McGarvey, Headteacher at the school says ‘The children at Balaam Wood think it’s fantastic that their old uniform is not going in the bin, but instead will be helping other local families. We are delighted to donate our old uniforms in order to help families who need assistance with the provision of uniform’.

The charity, The Schools of King Edward VI in Birmingham have also helped with storage issues faced by the Rubery Schools Community Swop Shop, by purchasing and donating plastic storage boxes to keep the uniforms from being damaged and to make it easier for Kristina to sort.

Anyone wanting to request or donate uniform can find out more on the website here:



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