2020 Intake – Information for Prospective Selective School Applicants

The Qualifying Score (QS) and Priority Score (PS) for the King Edward VI grammar schools were set at 205 and 222 respectively prior to the entrance test. These were set following analysis of previous admissions data – taking into account test scores, candidate numbers and the locality of candidates.

The tables below show the following information for 2020 intake compared to 2019 intake:

  • number of entrance test candidates
  • number of candidates achieving the QS
  • number of candidates indicated as being registered for Pupil Premium
  • number of candidates living within a catchment area achieving the QS and PS

The figures quoted are based on a candidate’s home address when registered for the entrance test (in May and June 2019) and those who indicated they are eligible for Pupil Premium.

Parent/Carers are currently in the process of applying for school places via their Local Authority by
31 October 2019. The home address of a candidate can therefore change between test registration and the deadline to apply for places. Candidates indicated as Pupil Premium are still in the process of being verified and the numbers quoted below may reduce.

The figures are therefore subject to change.

No allowance has been made for candidates who will opt to apply for and be successful in being offered other schools such as independent schools, alternative grammar schools or comprehensive schools. As intended, there will be places available across the majority of the selective schools for applicants who fall under Category 5. Click here to view the admissions policies and catchment area maps.

Parent/Carers must list the schools they are applying for in their order of preference. If a grammar school is listed first on the preference form but a place is not offered, it will not put at risk the chance of being offered a place at any other school listed.


Published Admission Numbers

 2019 intake2020 intake
Camp Hill Boys120150*
Camp Hill Girls150150
Five Ways180180
Handsworth Girls160192*
Handsworth Boys150150

* King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys and King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls are offering additional places for 2020 intake as detailed above.

Entrance Test

Year of entryNo. candidates sat the entrance testNo. candidates achieving QS of 205Indicated PP on test applicationPP and achieved QS of 205
201959602536 (43%)1191 (20%)258 (22% of PP)
202057102425 (42%)1137 (20%)301 (to be verified)


Pupil Premium Entrance Test Applicants

 2019 intake2020 intake


Catchment area

Verified PP test candidates in catchment achieving QS of 205PP test candidates in catchment achieving QS of 205 (to be verified)
Camp Hill Boys3355
Camp Hill Girls2833
Five Ways3922
Handsworth Girls5354
Handsworth Boys2836

*This figure is likely to fall. On average, around 20% of those who tick the Pupil Premium box on the test registration have either ticked this in error or are unable to provide the necessary evidence.


Non Pupil Premium Entrance Test applicants

 2019 intake2020 intake


Catchment area

Candidates in catchment achieving PS of 222Candidates in catchment achieving PS of 222
Camp Hill Boys108107
Camp Hill Girls8481
Five Ways162194
Handsworth Girls165146
Handsworth Boys7592



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