Concerts for Care Homes

Musical duo and former King Edward VI Five Ways School students Alex Frost and Dec Foster have spent the summer performing for the residents of Longbridge Retirement Village.  Known by their band name ‘Frost and Foster’, they also used these performances as an opportunity to raise money for their favourite charities.

The two-piece began five years ago when writing a song as part of a school presentation on the subject of ‘appreciating money’. This slightly unusual beginning unlocked the potential to work together in other performances. As part of their Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award, ‘Frost and Foster’ decided to volunteer once a fortnight at the Longbridge Retirement Village, playing mainly classical and musical numbers to begin with. It quickly became clear that their talents lay not only in playing all the right notes but also in making jokes and bouncing off one another during performances. Over the years the duo have included a wider variety of songs in their set, including music from ABBA to Frank Sinatra, as well as a few of their own songs.

Due to the pandemic performances were temporarily put on hold, returning in May and June for a series of outdoor shows whereby the pair would move around the perimeter of the building and sing to the residents on their balconies. September saw the final two performances at the Village – a great way to see off two and a half years of performing there.

Now that the students have finished their A-Levels they are off to different Universities to continue their studies. Alex will be attending the University of Edinburgh and Dec is off to the University of Oxford. So what does the future hold for ‘Frost and Foster’ the band? Dec comments ‘We sincerely hope to continue performing in the coming years, having learnt so much and gained so much confidence through our Longbridge performances. We also hope that we will be able to return to the Village at some point to deliver another concert, hopefully this time with capacity for a larger audience!’

We wish both Alex and Dec all the best for their university studies and look forward to seeing more performances in the future.


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