King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls Shortlisted for National Award

King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls has become the only school in Birmingham to reach the list of finalists in any category for the National Award for Pastoral Care in Education (NAPCE).

After receiving a flyer in February, Jane Glendenning, Designated Safeguarding Lead & Director of Pastoral Care Years 7-11, entered the team at Handsworth School for Girls into several categories and they have successfully been shortlisted for the ‘Raising Awareness about Pastoral Care Award’.

NAPCE is a registered charity founded in 1982 to establish links between education professionals and allied agencies who have an interest in pastoral care, personal-social education and the welfare of students of all ages in schools. Their main priorities are the achievement of students across the curriculum; guidance; personal and social education; recording achievement and the management of these processes in an integrated whole school approach. Part of the application process involved providing an overview for the nomination:

“We want all our students irrespective of age or contextual background to be happy and to thrive and we need their parents and carers to know that. Whether through assemblies, form time, parental workshops, chats with students themselves, PSHCE provision, outside speaker and parental meetings, we constantly strive to inform students and their carers about everything we do. We encourage students to share their own experiences with their peers and to take a lead. We also offer support for a wide range of issues from depression and anxiety to eating disorders and academic pressure.”

Jane Glendenning comments “I strongly believe it is important that parents, carers, staff and pupils know that education is about supporting young people to be the best they can be and is not simply about academic success. In the three years that I have been part of the Pastoral Team, I have seen colleagues work tirelessly to support our most vulnerable students through challenging situations and do all they can to engage with often hard to reach parents. We, as is the case with other pastoral teams, want to destigmatize mental health and so much of our work is about raising awareness of the correlation between mental health, physical health and wellbeing. In these unprecedented times this focus couldn’t be more relevant.”

The results will be announced via a remote presentation at the end of September. Good luck everyone!




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