Carla’s art chosen by Birmingham City Council Wellbeing Youth Forum

Carla Holden, Year 10 student at King Edward VI Balaam Wood Academy has recently had her artwork chosen to represent the newly formed Birmingham City Council Wellbeing Youth Forum.

Nominated by one of her teachers, Carla was successful in her application to the forum which will be looking into best approaches to make sure the correct mental health and wellbeing support is provided in Birmingham secondary schools, for children and young people.

Since October 2020, Carla has been involved in monthly meetings via teams, alongside 11 other representatives from secondary schools across the city. The council are eager to hear about the experiences of Birmingham’s young people, giving them the chance to contribute to how supported is offered and received. 

One of the first tasks was to brand the Youth Forum appropriately, creating a logo that would be instantly recognisable and used across all promotional material within Birmingham. Each member of the forum created a design, that was then voted upon by the group. Carla’s concept received the most votes and so will be used by the initiative going forward. 

Speaking of her own experiences, Carla says she has felt fully supported by staff at King Edward VI Balaam Wood Academy whenever she has struggled with her own mental health and wellbeing – and wants to make sure all young people feel this way within their schools.

Carla has always been creative and thoroughly enjoys the performing arts. She hopes to attend Birmingham Ormiston Academy once completing her studies at Balaam Wood. Best of luck Carla, and well done!