Youth Police and Crime Commissioner

Aleesha Majid, Year 9 student at King Edward VI Handsworth Wood Girls’ Academy has been elected as Youth Police and Crime Commissioner for Birmingham West.

Youth Commissioners advise the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) on law and order issues affecting children and teenagers. They are also be asked to represent the views and stand up for the rights of young people within the police force area. As well as speaking directly to the PCC, the volunteer Youth Commissioners liaise with police officers, decision makers and youth organisations about crime, justice and victim services.
They are also asked to challenge the force when it fails to live up to expectations.

Aleesha beat stiff competition to be elected and here’s what she had to say:

“Growing up I have always wanted to become a police officer. When Mr Gilday sent me an email regarding an amazing opportunity to become the next YPCC, I did not hesitate and grabbed the opportunity! Today I’m proud to announce I am now a Youth and Crime Commissioner, I am so thankful for my school and my incredible teachers and friends for supporting me. This role will allow me to break down the barriers between the police and young people. Being the voice of young people, I will be able to engage and consult with them and raise the profile of young people positively. This is such an incredible opportunity, and I’m so glad I am able to take part and be known as the Youth Commissioner for Birmingham West”.