Over £1,500 raised for Children in Need

King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Boys successfully raised over £1,500 for BBC Children in Need in November, through various student-led activities.

A non-uniform day was held with activities led and organised by two Sixth Form Legacy teams. The Legacy teams are led by sixth formers, who run events to raise awareness and understanding of certain issues or causes, whilst raising charitable donations for them. They have previously focussed on such issues as Homelessness.

The teams are set up along the lines of the BBC programme ‘The Apprentice’, having a MD, Marketing & Communications Officer, Treasurer etc. Together they produce information and literature, attend assemblies to raise awareness and educate the younger students within the school. In the past they have attended events and assemblies in other schools too.

For the BBC Children in Need day, they planned all aspects including a poster campaign, assemblies, a float, working out their profit margins, ordering required products and selling them. Drinks and snacks were sold, including pizza and samosas at breaks and lunchtime.

A penalty shoot out competition was also arranged on the Astroturf at break and lunch which everyone paid to enter, with prizes for the best competitor in each year group.