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Familiarisation Exam

1.Girls' tops are reduced to £4.49 each. Emily picks out three tops she likes and pays for them with a £5 and a £10 note. How much change should she get?
2.Josh sees a pair of trainers with a tag saying 75% off the recommended price of £65. Josh decides to buy the trainers. How much will they cost him?
3.The shop sells DVDs priced from £5 to £8 each. The sale offers three DVDs for a total of £12. What is the maximum saving someone can make if they buy three DVDs in the sale, compared with buying them at the standard individual price?
4.Choose the correct words to complete the passage.

Travel may broaden the mind but it has an adverse effect on the bank balance! Although flights have affordable prices, they frequently have hidden such as airport taxes and baggage

5.Complete the word on the right so that it means the same as the word on the left.
6.Mother's Day probably has its origins in Greek or Roman times. In more recent centuries, it has marked occasions when servants were granted an afternoon off work to visit their mothers. A commercial element has added a contemporary twist to the tradition with the advent of Mother's Day cards.

What does the author say about the effect of Mother's Day cards on this tradition?

7.Which image is next in the sequence?
8.Which image is next in the sequence?