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Admission to King Edward VI High School for Girls

These dates are provisional at time of being published, but please keep visiting our websites as dates can sometimes change.

Entry at age 11

Date of entrance examination: Friday 7th October 2016

Closing date for applications: Monday 26th September 2016

Entry at age 16+

Date of examination: To be confirmed

Closing date for applications: Friday 30th January 2017

Girls are examined at the school in English and Mathematics, and there is also a Reasoning test. The syllabus is such as should normally be covered by girls of good ability, and no special preparation is advised.

English Papers

Both English papers in the entrance examination are designed to test reading and writing skills and to explore a candidate’s potential. In the past poems, pictures and passages of prose have appeared on the papers for candidates to examine. Tasks have included comprehension type questions, creative writing and an opportunity to respond personally to the stimulus material. Candidates are given time at the beginning of each examination to read the paper through and are advised to spend this time familiarising themselves with the material, the questions and the instructions on the paper. They should endeavour to answer questions fully and appropriately.

Mathematics Paper

The paper consists of a series of questions of varying lengths, which are designed to test the candidate’s ability to use and apply the straightforward processes of arithmetic. No calculators of any kind are allowed. Formal knowledge of algebra and geometry is not required. Some questions are deliberately designed to test response to a simple but unfamiliar mathematical idea for which no previous knowledge is required.

It is emphasised that candidates should show their working clearly, and not assume that it is only the answer which is of interest to the examiner.

Girls must have reached the age of 11 years by 31st August following the examinations. Girls younger than this can be considered in some circumstances; parents of such girls must communicate with the Principal in the previous Autumn Term.

Entry at age 12-15

Girls from 12 to 15 may be considered if they move from another part of the country, or for some other special reason. Applications should be made to the Principal as soon as the move is planned. Such girls are admitted at any time if there is a vacancy. All applicants are required to sit entrance examinations and can only be admitted if the standard reached indicates that they are of the academic calibre of girls entered at 11.

Entry at age 16+

All candidates for admission in September 2017 will be required to sit entrance examinations on Saturday 7th February 2015.

All candidates sit a paper in the subjects they have chosen to study at A-level with the exception of Mathematics and English, where papers are 1 hour.

Candidates applying for Classical Civilisation, Economics and Business, Psychology or Theatre Studies will not be expected to have previous knowledge of these subjects.

Each candidate will be issued with a timetable of her individual examination schedule in advance.

Specimen papers are not available. Syllabus content will be that common to the majority of G.C.S.E. courses.

Girls who reach a satisfactory standard on the admission papers are invited into school for interviews. The final selection takes place as a result of these.

Late Entry

A few girls’ aspirations do change during their final GCSE year and when they receive their GCSE results. Therefore there is a late entry examination set after GCSEs. For information about the exact date please contact the Registrar. It needs to be borne in mind that some courses have filled up by this stage.


The school offers means tested bursaries and parents wishing to apply for fees remission must complete and return annually a statement of income.

Girls who are offered a place to study Physics and Maths and are currently attending a state school, are eligible to apply for an Ogden means tested bursary.

The Ogden Trust sponsors sixth formers from state schools to study Physics and Maths at top Independent Schools.

All places will depend on the results of the admission examinations, on confidential reports from the candidates’ present schools and on interviews held at King Edward VI High School for Girls in March.


Offers of places will normally be made before the end of the Spring Term. The offers may in some cases be conditional upon GCSE results.

The closing date for applications is 30th January 2016, though late applications may sometimes be considered in special circumstances i.e. someone moving from another part of the country, if places are still available.

Summer Term

Girls entering the sixth form will be invited into school for a day towards the end of the Summer Term.