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11+ Maths Example

The following are some problems of a similar nature to ones from the Admission examination:

1.Work out:
11 x 91 =
101 x 9901 =
1001 x 999001 =

I had four packages to post:

Parcel 1: weighed 90 g, (second class) post 28 p.

Parcel 2: weighed 180 g (second class) post 41 p.

Parcel 3: weighed 310 g (second class) post 66 p.

Parcel 4: weighed 480 g, (second class) post 93 p.

I only had 5 p, 18 p and 24 p stamps with me. Show how I could make up the postage for each of the four parcels using only stamps with these values. (You can use more than one of each value.)

3.Exactly how many minutes before six o’clock is it if, 50 minutes ago, it was four times as many minutes past three o’clock?

In addition to problems like the ones above, questions in the examination will test basic arithmetic and the ability to work within an unfamiliar situation.

As with all mathematics examinations the way that you tackle any of the problems is more interesting than the answer that you get. For this reason we ask that you show your working (no matter how messy) so we can see how you worked the answers out.