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Admission to King Edward’s School

How to apply for 11+ entry

The deadline to receive applications for 2018 entry has now passed.

When applications are open you can get an application form in one of three ways:

  • from the school website
  • by emailing the school at:
  • by calling Mrs Nicole Phillips, Director of Admissions, on: 0121 415 6056



The entry procedure at 16+ consists of interviews, predicted GCSE results and a Headteacher’s report.

Please note that applications for 16+ arriving after the closing date will still be considered up until the beginning of September, but candidates should be aware that places may no longer be available and any financial assistance will already have been allocated.

The application form for admission to the Sixth Form in September is available via the website.

Closing date for applications: Friday, 2nd February 2018.

An application form can be downloaded from the King Edward’s School website

Scholarships and Assisted Places

King Edward’s is an independent school, and that means that it is a fee-paying school. However, one of the school’s most important aims is to do all it can to provide education for able pupils, whatever the financial circumstances of the pupils’ family. The school, therefore, provides two different kinds of financial support, Scholarships and means-tested Assisted Places. About 30% of pupils are given financial support through these schemes and 10% have free places.

Any parent who would like to know more about scholarships or Assisted Places should contact Mrs Nicole Phillips, the school’s Admissions and Marketing Co-ordinator on or 0121 415 6056.

Academic Scholarships

The school awards a considerable number of scholarships: in an average year, about 15 scholarships are awarded, varying in value from 50% to 10% of the fees. Most of these scholarships are awarded at 11+, but awards are also made to outstanding candidates at 16+ and, very occasionally, at 13+. These scholarships are awarded purely on academic merit and potential, and scholars are chosen on the basis of their performance in the entrance examination and at interview. Each year five Foundation Scholarships are awarded to the best five candidates at 11+.

Music Scholarships

The school is keen to support and develop its excellence in music, so that there are funds available for up to two music scholarships each year. These scholarships are awarded on the basis not only of the academic exams, but also an audition.

An application form for a Music Audition can be requested when registering for the 11+ exam.

Assisted Places

The provision of means-tested Assisted Places is a central part of the purpose of the school to enable able boys, whatever their financial circumstances, to attend the school. The scheme supports about 30 – 35 pupils in each year and about 25 of these are free places.

These places are awarded to successful 11+ candidates whose parents could not otherwise afford to send their son to the school. The funds are provided both by the King Edward Foundation and by donations from former pupils.

Although the school spends over £1m on Assisted Places each year, there are not sufficient funds to provide for all the successful 11+ candidates who apply for Assisted Places. Thus, the standard of performance in the examination is also a factor in the distribution of the funds.

The amount of support is calculated on the basis of the family income. Currently parents with a household income of under about £71,000 can apply.

It is possible to download the table that shows the Assisted Places sliding scale from the school’s site