Surviving and Thriving – Bullying

Resources to help

And Helplines

Resources for everyone

Banter-or-BullyingA report from the Cybersmile foundation exploring the relationship between banter and bullying in the UK.
Change Starts with UsA report outlining recommendations to address bullying face to face and online.
Bullying FactsheetA Bullying basics fact sheet.

Resources to help staff

The Annual Bullying survey This report uncovers the climate and culture surrounding bullying alongside a wider range of challenges presented to young people today.
Think b4 you type A campaign toolkit using learning from the Angus Campaign, and containing direct input from the Youth Advisory Group members, to help staff support young people in schools.
Approaches to preventing and tackling bullying ( research to understand anti-bullying practices schools have found effect. The report contains common themes found throughout the research and seven case studies.
Safe to Learn: Embedding
anti-bullying work in schools
Government guidance for schools on preventing and responding to sexist, sexual and transphobic bullying.
Teaching resources for wellbeing from Public Health England

Resources to help students

Bullying FactsheetA Bullying basics fact sheet.
Young Minds pages on bullyingIncludes:

TikTok’s kindness and anti-bullying campaign

Resources to help parents and carers

Young minds – bullying guideA parent guide from Young Minds, on spotting bullying and how to provide support for your child.
Antibullying interactive online informationAnti-bullying alliance has developed an online anti-bullying information tool for parents and carers.
A parent’s guide to anti-bullyingA guide that explores bullying behaviour and definitions, as well as some of the most common signs to look out for if you know or suspect that your child is experiencing bullying behaviour.