Widening Accessibility

The Schools of King Edward VI in Birmingham have been running a campaign called “Opening Doors” to offer opportunities for high attaining pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds to access our grammar schools. We want to give these children the chance to succeed in our entrance test, and whilst activities at our schools cannot guarantee success for everyone, we do believe it will improve children’s abilities ensuring that they will be better prepared for their transition into whatever secondary school they attend.

We are currently running an Online Familiarisation Course to assist in teaching non-verbal ability for children who register to take the entrance test and who are receiving free school meals. Those who apply to our schools and indicate they are on free school meals then receive a log in to access our Online Familiarisation Course. Here they will receive guidance and support about what to expect on our entrance test.

All of our grammar schools provide fun and challenging activities at their schools for bright primary school children, and we would suggest that schools contact the “Outreach Coordinators” to see if there are activities they can engage with. There are also free resources available for primary schools, which you can look at here.

We would also like to take this opportunity to inform parents that we do not endorse any person or organisation that charges fees to coach your child. Our entrance tests seek to identify children who are naturally gifted and talented.



Parents and suppliers who need to contact us please do so via email
Please scan and attach materials where possible, as the office will be closed and any post will not immediately be opened.
Any queries for admissions should be sent to