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Widening Accessibility

The Schools of King Edward VI in Birmingham continues to run its “Opening Doors” campaigns of “outreach” and “widening accessibility”, which it hopes will not only benefit the primary school teachers of the City but will also give young naturally gifted and talented children the opportunities to succeed in our entrance test. Whilst this activity cannot guarantee success for everyone we do believe it will improve all children’s abilities ensuring that they will be better prepared for their transition into whatever secondary school they attend.

Our schools are currently working with primary schools in the City on initiatives that we believe will assist with the teaching of numeracy and literacy for those gifted and talented children. In addition we are actively encouraging primary schools to visit our sites to engage in performances, sports events, science lessons and drama, to name a few, in order to inspire them to take our entrance test.

We would also like to take this opportunity to inform parents that we do not endorse any person or organisation that charges fees to coach your child. Our entrance tests seek to identify children who are naturally gifted and talented.

This website features sample questions which your child could attempt to determine if they are potential candidates for the test.

We would like to hear from primary schools in the City who believe their teachers of gifted and talented children would be interested in extended maths and literacy programmes.

Please visit the Primary section of this site and complete the form outlining your requirements and we will contact you to arrange activity for your school.