Surviving and Thriving – for Governors

Resources and information which our governors may find useful:

Understanding what influences your mental health and wellbeingPDF from Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust which aims to help you to

  • note important events or relationships
  • consider what may set off difficulties
  • understand what the key mental health issues are
  • recognise your personal strengths and the support around you
  • find out what can help or hinder your day to day wellbeing
  • look at ways forward and next steps: What would help you to
  • make changes?
Working from home: Your wellbeing action planPDF workbook and video from The Charlie Waller Trust, created for use during the Covid-19 pandemic. Includes questions, tips, and things to avoid.

Inspired by Mary Ellen Copeland’s Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP); an evidence-based system used worldwide by people to manage their mental health.

Guidance for employers to help manage the impact of menopause at work
Guidance from Acas to help employers and managers support staff who are affected by menopause symptoms at work.

Top tips include:

  • create and implement a menopause policy
  • provide awareness training for managers to deal with any concerns in a sensitive way
  • create an open and trusted culture within the team
  • make changes where possible such as altering working hours
  • implement low-cost environmental changes such as providing desk fans
  • be aware of employment laws that can relate to menopause issues at work such as the risks of sex, disability or age discrimination

Full Guidance