DESIGN CRITERIA – 1. Design Cycle

The Design Cycle is a pretty simple process that repeats itself for ever; it makes your project a lot easier.

The stages are Investigate, Design, Plan, Create and Evaluate.

What is the Design Cycle?

The design cycle is a series of tools used by designers to help them create and evaluate solutions in response to design problems. The cycle can have many sections, but in its simplest form it is – Investigate, Plan, Design, Create & Evaluate.

Investigate: You will need to consider the possibilities and ideas for the problem.

Plan: Write a list of all the stages you think you will need to achieve for a successful project.

Design: Produce lots of different ideas for the project. Include sketches and thoughts. Create: This is where you make your design to the design you created.

Evaluate: You should reflect on what you have done. Ask yourself if the final creation answered all the questions you set you in the investigation section.

Why is it a circular process?

The process is naturally repeating. When you have evaluated what you have made you will have found some improvements you need to make. You are already on the path of stage one investigation. Not long until the iphone 1000.

Do you have to start a certain point?

No you don’t have to start at a set point. The stages do not always follow this pattern. Sometimes you have to start again, sometimes we must jump ahead. The Design Cycle is fluid. Think of it as a never ending game of snakes and ladders.

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