DESIGN CRITERIA – 4. Functional


Functional means that your design is practical and useful, rather than attractive.

What makes a design Functional?

Really you have to think about the ultimate goal of a product, what it must do. Think about a screwdriver, it’s ultimate goal is really simple, to drive screw into a material. We could make a design more involved by improving the way it looks (aesthetics) or the way you hold it (ergonomics). Functional is a design at it’s simplest.

What do you have to think about to make a design functional?

You would need to consider who will be using it, so you will need to talk to them and ask about their needs and how they would use the product. You should also think hard about how it would be used or misused and think about its safety. Can you make your product easy to use, remember functional is a design at it’s simplest.

Great Design Ideas

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