To generate a design you need to solve a problem that has been identified but not solved before. When you develop a design you have looked at an existing design and make improvements to the way it works.

How do you generate a design idea?

It is quite difficult to sit in front of a blank page and know you have to fill it full of ideas. There are a couple of simple tricks to help you overcome any issues with starting. The first is to have an image of an existing similar design in front of you, start copying it but change something on it. It could be the location of the buttons, the layout of draws, where the wheels are placed or even the number of pockets. Another technique is to think of a random object and change its use to suit the problem you are faced with. If ever you are sat thinking about the problem and nothing is coming, take a brief break and think about something else when you return to the problem hopefully a new solution will arrive. Always record all your ideas however crazy, they may inspire another more usable solution. Doodling is also one of the most creative ways to stimulate your thought process.

Remember the more ideas you have the better your ideas become, If you have 100 ideas and 99 of them are terrible, you’ve still got a winner.

How do you develop a design idea? 

Imagine that you have been using a product for some time, more often than not you think I wish it would do this or that. That’s design development in its simplest form.

How to Sketch like a Product Designer.

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