DESIGN GENERATE – 2. Prototype

A Model is either a 2D or 3D representation of a proposed structure, normally on a smaller scale than the original.

Prototype is a first version of an object from which other forms are developed.

Why do you model an idea?

A quick model of an idea can be really useful, it helps you and prospective users see what your idea looks likes like in 3D. It will encourage further development of your idea.

Why do you model a feature of an idea?

Once you start putting detail into your design, you sometimes ask yourself the question “How should I do this?” A feature model would help you decide. It can also help you to practice a difficult or new technique.

Why would you make a prototype?

A prototype is the first made version of your design, where you put all of your ideas together, into a fully working product. It is not always the most perfect of creations. It’s purpose is to help you understand your design and to see what possible improvements there may be.

What do you do with a prototype?

The main purpose of a prototype is to test out your solution for the problem you were set. You can see if your ideas were correct or whether you might have to change your thinking. Don’t forget to ask a selection of people from your audience.

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