Sketching gives a brief account or general outline of something. 2D drawing is a flat view that shows a shape, while a 3D drawing shows an object depth.

Why do I need to draw an idea?

Image going to the movies to see a version of your favourite book and the main character looked nothing like you imagined, disappointing. The written word allows us to see different versions of the same thing. If we only wrote a description of what the product looked like then others would misinterpret your idea. Drawing an idea communicates your thoughts clearly, quickly with little effort.

How do I decide whether to draw in 2D or 3D?

The easy answer is it’s up to you, a combination of both looks great especially when you overlap them. Another rule is the more views of a design the better, you don’t have to draw the whole object over and over, small zoomed in views help with describing detail. Show your design from different directions, remember to use both 2D and 3D images, simple notes and a splash of colour.

Why is it important to add notes to a drawing?

Adding notes or annotation to a drawing will help explain your thoughts further making the design clear. The notes might include thoughts about materials, style, movement, features of the design that would take to long to draw.

How do I show movement in my sketches?

Sketches can be greatly enhanced by adding movement, it can be simply achieved by adding an arrow. The type of arrow depends on the type of movement, it could be one directional, bi-directional or even curved. These arrows could also have notes with brief descriptions. An alternative effect is to overlay a ghosting effect, showing where the moving part ends its travel.

How to Sketch: Perspective Drawing.

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