Investigate is to perform research in a systematic way to discover and examine the facts of a subject or problem.

Analyse is to examine (something) methodically and in detail, typically in order to explain and interpret it.

How do I investigate a problem?

Investigating in design is just the same as any other problem solving issue in any other subject, just keep asking the old questions What, Why, Where, When, How, easy really.

Questions such as,

  • What would you like the product to do?
  • Why are the controls there?
  • Where would you like the on/off switch to be placed?
  • When would it to turn itself off?
  • How would it be better than the last version?

Ask questions about how it is used, how it is maintained, what would make it better and what is really good about it.

What techniques are there to use?

Apart from the What, Why, Where, When, How questions we have discussed.

You can look at existing products that are similar, this is called product analysis.

You need to think how they were made, what they were made from and how they could be improved.

Talk to people about the product.

If it will not get you into trouble, take it apart to see how it works, made or fits together.

Remember How and Why?

What is the point of analysis?

Analysis is so important as a designer, you need to understand what, why and how things happen around you so you can start to think about making them better.

How do I analyze a product?

One of the best tools to help us understand a product is for us to use it and try and understand it. A simple tool for analyzing a product is ACCESS FM, designers use this phrase to help remember the sections. Don’t worry if you don’t know some of the words, have a look in the Designing & Design Criteria page for more information. ACCESS FM stands for Aesthetics, Customer, Cost, Ergonomics or Environment, Size, Safety, Function, Materials or Manufacture.

Product Analysis: What am I?

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