EVALUATE – 2. Design Criteria

Judging your own design or product you should measure it against the “Design Criteria” or the list of requirements.

Allowing others to discuss your design or product gives you an insight to possible improvements.

Why do you have to ask people what they think or need from a product?

You can learn about what motivates them and is important, you can learn about their opinions about your product or proposed product. You should listen and then discuss key ideas, doing this and analysing the results to the questions will then allow you to develop important parts of your product not just what you want to do. The larger the group you ask the better a result you should get.

What should I ask them?

Another difficult question that depends on the product and the stage of the design cycle you’re at. You could be asking what material, shape, colour or how many buttons it should have if you’re at the start of the process. If your design is made the questions should be along the line of, is it easy to use, what’s the best aspect, what would you change, could you combine some aspects…. ​​​​​​​

As the designer why should you give feedback?

It is important to review your work and learn from any mistakes you have made and also from the successes. Any future developments of your design can then be influenced by your learning. An excellent form of review is to measure your design against the design criteria you set out before designing.

What is Design Thinking?

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