MAKE – 1a. Tools & Equipment (Cutting)

Cutting tools & machines are designed to cut and remove large amounts of material from an object.

What are the names and uses of the main cutting tools?

When you are working with hard materials (we call them resistant),the main tool you would use to remove a large amount of material is a saw.

There are lots of different saws, all for different types and directions of cuts and materials. Some of the names of saws are Hacksaw, Junior Hacksaw, Coping saw, Tenon Saw & Rip saw.

When working with soft material (we call them compliant), such as food we use a knife to cut it. There are lots of different knifes that specialise in what they do. Saws are also used at the butchers.

Another compliant material is fabric, how many different ways can you cut that?

What are the names and uses of the main cutting machines?

Saws again are one of the main cutting machines, they are made up of mechanised blades with the frameworks fixed in place.

Examples are Band saws, Table saws and Reciprocating saws, they will be explained further in the PowerPoint. Further examples for resistant materials are Drills you have hand drills, electric hand drills and pillar or press drills.

When working with food Butchers use Band saws and meat slicers, at home we can use food processors to cut, slice and chop ingredients we can also use machinery at home to mince meat.​​​​​​​

How would you decide to use a cutting tool or machine to use?

A difficult question to answer because it’s down to the job you’re doing and your level of experience you have.

Machines will do a job quicker but are less forgiving, by that I mean you can make a big mistake quicker in the material and hopefully not yourself.

By using a hand tool it takes longer and takes more effort but you can achieve a better quality result.

When would you use a cutting tool?

Cutting tools are used to remove large amounts of unwanted materials.

You would use them at the start of a project to cut the material into roughly the correct size materials.

You might also use cutting tools to help shape the material latter in the making process.

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