MAKE – 1b. Tools & Equipment (Shaping)

Shaping tools & equipment are designed to remove small amounts of material, sometimes in a specialist shape.

What are the names and uses of the main shaping tools?

There are lots of different types of shaping tools, some safer to use than others, but like any tools if you use them correctly you will be perfectly safe.

The main family of tools that you would use when shaping resistant (hard) material are files, there are lots of shapes and grades of roughness. Learn more from the PowerPoint on this page.

When shaping food think about cake tins.Icing bag tips will form peaks and swirls of icing while cookie cutters will shape.​​​​​​​

What are the names and uses of the main shaping machines?

There are lots of different machines that you can use to shape resistant materials.

Machines that move the material past a special cutter or the moving cutter past the stationary material. These machines have names such as Millers (Vertical & Horizontal), Center Lathes (Wood & Engineering), and both Routers and Pillar drills with specialist cutting bits fitted.

When do you use shaping tools?

Shaping tools are used to remove small amounts of material to get them closer towards being finished. They often have specialist shapes to help produce a specific object.

Files, Rasps & Rifflers – Basics & Tricks Of The Trades.

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