MAKE – 2c. Materials & Components (Aesthetic Properties)

Aesthetic Properties (What does it look like?)​​​​​​​

All materials have identifiable features, aesthetic properties, that make them look different. e.g. Attractive, Smooth, Glossy. Think about your five senses.

Is the way a material looks important?

Would you buy a product if it looked unattractive, dented, rusty or broken? I don’t think you would.

So, yes, it is important how a product’s material looks.

You should always aim to have your design looking at it’s best.

Remember it’s all about the detail!

Can you change the way a material looks?

Most definitely you can and it is down to the type of finish you put on it, have a look at the “Finishes” page.

If the product is made from a natural wood then you should show it’s grain, maybe have it nice and glossy so it looks it’s best.

If it is made of a metal that has iron in it, then you should paint it so it won’t rust.

If you burn or singe a cake you could decorate it with icing.

If you rip a piece of clothing or a bag you might put a patch on it.

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