MAKE – 2a. Materials & Components (Types)

Material describes the matter from which a thing is or can be made.

Examples are – Timber (You might know it as wood) is the hard fibrous material that forms the main trunk or branches of a tree.

Metal is a solid material which is typically several of the following, hard, shiny, malleable, fusible, and ductile.

Plastic is a man-made material made from a large range of organic polymers.

What are the names of the different types of material?

Before we talk about specific materials do you know that materials are grouped into families of material, lets have a look at them. Timbers are grouped into Softwood, Hardwoods and Manufactured boards, while Metals are grouped into Ferrous, Non-ferrous and Alloys. Plastics have two groups which are Thermoplastics and Thermosetting plastics. Each of those groups or families have similar characteristics but all materials differ some way. You only really need to remember a couple of materials from each group so here goes

Softwoods – Scots Pine, Spruce

Hardwoods – Oak, Ash

Manufactured board – Plywood, MDF(Medium Density Fibreboard)

Ferrous metals – Cast Iron, Steel

Non-ferrous metal – Aluminium, Copper

Alloys – Stainless Steel, High Speed Steel

Thermoplastic – Polythene, Polystyrene

Thermosetting plastic – Melamine-formaldehyde

Don’t worry about some of the words we’ll cover them in the PowerPoint on this page.

How do you decide on what material to use?

Material selection is really important, if you get it wrong your design will either not last very long or cost far too much Imagine two cars one made out paper and the other gold, both possible but not practical. You need to think about what your product has to do, where it will be used and how often it will be used. All of these criteria will help you select the correct material and produce a successful project.

Can you use any tool on any material?

Almost a simple answer of no. The trick with cutting tools and cutting into materials is that the tool must be of a harder material than you’re cutting. Easy you’re thinking make everything out of the hardest material then; well one of those materials is Diamond. Will the cost allow that, well no. Why would you spend a lot of money on a hard tool to cut a soft piece of material when a tool costing a lot less and not so hard would do.

10 Strongest Materials Known To Man

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