MAKE – 2f. Materials & Components (Bought Items)

Bought Items

Bought Items describes such a wide selection of things.

It becomes a ‘bought’ item if is purchased t and then used in a different design being made.

For example a button or a zip on a item of clothing or a nut and bolt on a mechanical design.

When would you use a bought item?

You must have heard the saying “You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.” well imagine you designed and made a box that has a lid and the lid needs to open and close easily with a hinge. You are not going to make a hinge when you can buy one cheaper and easier.

Much like you would not try and make a zip fastener for a coat, you would buy one and fit it.

What are some examples of bought items?

Remember they are items you can buy to add onto your design such as, for resistant (hard) materials Handles, Hinges, Catches, decorative items, Screws, Bolts, Nuts………

For compliant material such as fabric you could buy Zip fasteners, Buttons, Lace, embroidered badges.

For compliant material such as food you could buy Sugared figures, Sprinkles, Flowers and even Cake cases.

Why would you use a bought item?

Adding a bought item or items to your design will make it appear more professional, no it’s not cheating it’s helping.

If you make something that has a familiar feature, people will be happier in using it or even help them to buy it. It also saves you time and ultimately money.

How It’s Made – Nuts and Bolts.

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