TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE – 1. Improving Structures

Structure anything composed of parts arranged together in some way.

Points to think about to improve a structure are its

  • Symmetry,
  • Center of gravity,
  • Stability &
  • Bracing.

Why is symmetry important in design?

As a designer you need to keep symmetry in mind for a number of reasons; one reason is that the eye likes to see a balanced design and a repeated pattern will be able to do that. Another reason symmetry is important is that it will give a physical balance to the structure improving its stability.

How does center of gravity and stability work together?

When thinking about the stability of a design, symmetry and  center of gravity work together; if used correctly will produce a really successful structure. Center of gravity is the point in a design that is considered to be where the weight of the design is acting downwards with gravity, look in the presentation for an explanation of that complicated statement with images. The load line, when drawn downwards from this point acting as gravity, should lie inside the base of the object. The closer to the middle of the design the more stable it will be.

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