TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE – 2a. Mechanical Systems (Linkages)

mechanical linkage is a collection of parts joined together to change or help movement.

How many types of linkages are there?

There are far too many linkages to count, we have been using them for millennium, though they can be simplified to forms of rotary and linear motion. Four of the main linkage types are the Reverse motion, Parallel motion, Crank and Slider linkage and Bell crank linkage.

How do you decide which type of linkage to use?

As with any problem you have to stop and think the problem through, break it down into simple steps, simple is always good. It is then easy to create a simple jigsaw puzzle of the simple linkages. Start to combine the linkages and see the effect.​​​​​​​


Where are linkages used?

Linkages are used everywhere you just need to look. Have a look at a food whisk, a bicycle, a JCB digger, F1 or even everyday cars, double glazed windows and old fashioned wooden toys that move.

Walking Robot Mechanism 3D Model.

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