TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE – 2b. Mechanical Systems (Levers)

lever is a simple machine that will make lifting or moving an object much easier.

What are levers used for?

A lever is a simple machine that helps move or affect an object, when used properly it changes the amount of force that is applied.

What are the parts of a lever?

All levers are made up of the same parts or features though they are combined in different formations. The lever is made up of a rigid rod and a pivot point sometimes called a fulcrum, it can be either at one end or somewhere along its length. Two further points to think about are effort and the load in this simple machine. Have a look at the images to help understand this science come to life.​​​​​​​

How many types of levers are there?

Easy there are three which are split into classes, class 1, class 2 & guess what, yes class 3.

Class 1 covers things like scissors, crowbars and seesaws, Class 2 Wheel barrows, doors and nut crackers while Class 3 covers tweezers, brooms and nail clippers.

Check out the images and presentation and all will become clear.

Class 1 Lever


Class 2 Lever


Class 3 Lever


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