TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE – 2e. Mechanical Systems (Gears)

gear is a rotating part in a machine it has teeth cut around its circumference.

What are they used for?

Gears are used to make a machine go slower or quicker and very easily backwards in motion. When two gears fit together it is said that they mesh together. You can also split or transfer the power to another axle and make that turn at the same or different speed at the same time. The teeth of a gear are located around its edge.​​​​​​​

Where would you find gears being used?

Gears are used in so many everyday objects such as cars, bicycles, food mixers, can openers.

Why do gears have teeth?

When the teeth on gears mesh or fit together it stops the loss of power from slippage. Sometimes when you use pulleys the rope will slip on the wheel and you loose the work you have put in; because gears have teeth that fit together slippage is lost, making the use of gears more efficient. When putting a selection of gears together you have to make sure that the pitch or spacing of the teeth are the same on the meshing gears.

Different Types of Gears.

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