​​​​​​​In this unit we will be putting phrases together describing animals. We will be using a variety of adjectives to describe these animals and looking at how adjectives work in a sentence.

The adjectives we will be focusing on will be those which describe the colour of the animals, their size and also their personality.

Look at the adjectives below to describe personality, can you work out what they mean in English? Remember to look at ‘cognates’ (Cognate things are related to each other), when you are trying to work out the meaning of new words.

  • academic – intellectuel(le) – ahn-tuh-lec-twel
  • active – actif/active – ahk teef/ahk-teev
  • affectionate – affectueux/affectueuse ah-fec-too-uh/ah-fec-too-uhz
  • aggressive – agressif/aggressive – ah gress eef/ah-gress-eeve
  • agreeable – agréable – ah-gray-ah-bluh
  • aloof – distant(e) – dee stahn/dee-stahnt
  • amicable – amical(e) – ah-mee-cal
  • approachable – abordable – ah-bohr-dah-bluh
  • bad – méchant(e) – may-shan/may-shant
  • bitter -amer/amère – ah-mehr/ah-mair
  • blunt – brusque – broosk
  • bossy – autoritaire – oh-tohr-ee-tair
  • brave – courageux/courageuse – coor-ah-geuh/coor-ah-geuz Note that the ‘g’ is soft like the second ‘g’ in garage.
  • candid – franc/franche – frahn/franc
  • carefree – insouciant(e) – ehn-soo-see-ahn/ehn-soo-see-ahnt
  • careless – négligent(e) – nay-glee-gohn/nay-glee-gohnt Note the second ‘g’ is soft like the second ‘g’ in garage.
  • chatty – bavard(e) – bah-vahr/bah vahrd
  • cocky- trop sûr de soi – tro-soor-duh-swah – Note that the ‘o’ in ‘trop’ is long like the ‘o’ in show.
  • competent or capable – compétant(e) – cohm-pay-tahn/cohm-pay-tahnt Note that the ‘o’ is long as in ‘show’ and the ‘a’ sounds like the ‘a’ in ‘father.’
  • conceited – vaniteux/vaniteuse – vahn-ee-tuh/vahn-ee-tuhz
  • despicable – méprisable – may – pree-sah-bluh
  • dumb – bête – bet
  • fashionable – à la mode – ah-lah-mohd
  • funny – drôle – drol – Note that the ‘o’ is long as in ‘show’.
  • generous – généreux/généreuse – gay-nay-ruh/gay-nay-ruhz Note that the ‘g’ is soft like the second ‘g’ in ‘garage.’
  • gentle – doux/douce – goo/doos
  • impolite – impoli(e) – ahm-poe-lee
  • loving – affectueux/affecteuse – ah-fect-uh/ah-fect-uhz
  • mean – méchant(e) – may-shahnt
  • merciful – miséricordieux/miséricordieuse – mee-sair-ee-cohr-dee-uh/mee-sair-ee-cohr-dee-uhz
  • nice – sympathique – sam-pah-teek
  • obnoxious – odieux/odieuse – oh-dee-uh/oh-dee-uhz
  • obstinate – obstiné(e) – ohb-stee-nay – Note that the ‘o’ is long as in ‘show.’
  • petty – mesquin(e) – mes-kehn/mes-keen
  • quiet – tranquille – trohn-kee-yuh
  • sensitive – sensible – sohn-see-bluh
  • sporty – sportif/sportive – spohr-teef/spohr-teev
  • stodgy – lourd(e) – loor/loord
  • strong – fort(e) – fohr/fort

Tip for Success!

It is a good idea when you learn a new adjective to learn both it’s masculine and feminine form. Remember when we learn new nouns we need to learn if the gender is masculine or feminine – you should do the same with adjectives!

Remember when you look for a new adjective in the dictionary it will always be in the masculine form.

As we have seen with colours, USUALLY you have to add the letter ‘e’ on to an adjective to make it agree with a feminine noun. Not all adjectives follow this pattern! However, there are some patterns you can use to help you change masculine adjectives to the feminine form – some of the main patterns are listed below:

  1. Adjectives that end in ‘if’ end in ‘ive’ in the feminine form – sportif / sportive = sporty
  2. Adjectives that end in ‘eux’ end in ‘euse’ in the feminine form – ennuyeux / ennuyeuse – boring

Can you look at the new adjectives you have seen this unit and make sure you know the feminine as well as the masculine form?

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  3. Adjective games

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