In this section you will look at how you spend your pocket money! We will be learning new words for things that you eat and drink so that you can order something in a cafe. With your knowledge from the last unit, you will also be able to understand how much something costs!

Look and listen to the two videos below – practice pronouncing these new French words for differnt types of food and drink.

Before each of these new nouns you will see the words le, la and les. These are the three differernt words for ‘the’. Do you know why there are three different words for ‘the’? Remember the work you have done on genders of nouns.

If you don’t know the answer, look through the powerpoint slides on this page.

Tips for Success!

When speaking in French and doing role play activities, it really helps if you can get into character! Imagine you are in a cafe in Paris, use props for your performance, find some French music to play in the background, transform your class into a French cafe! Try not to talk too fast and try to speak in a loud, clear voice. Listen to the video clips on this page to help you with pronunication.

Most importantly enjoy performing role plays in French!

Follow these hyperlinks to learn more:-

  1. Cafe dialogue
  2. BBC Food and Drink in French
  3. Video clips in a cafe in France

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