In this section we will look at giving opinions on things that we spend our pocket money on; whether it is food and drink in a cafe, clothes, music or books that we buy with our pocket money. In addition we will be looking at the things you do to earn your pocket money! What kind of jobs do you have to do at home to help your family?!

Click on the video below – how many of these jobs do your or your older brothers and sisters do to help out at home and earn some pocket money?!

Giving your opinion

Many expressions in French which are used to give your opinion on something can all be used in the same way.

The opinion phrases in the video below and the ones you can see in the image at the top of this page just need to be followed by and adjective – just like in English:

I think that it is (GREAT)

Je pense que c’est (FORMIDABLE)

How many adejctives can you come up with in English to describe how you feel when you doing something with your pocket money?

Brilliant, fantastic, exciting……..

Can you use an online dictionary and find some of these adjectives in French?

Follow these hyperlinks to learn more:-

  1. Bite Size – Opinions
  2. How to say I don’t like
  3. Helping at Home-games

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