This unit will introduce you to numbers and prices in French. We will look at numbers up to 100 as well as understanding prices in Euros and Centimes.

There will be a focus on pronunciation and sounding really French! How far can you count in French?

Check out the video below!

Tips for Success!

Understanding numbers and prices just takes practice! Use the video above to listen and repeat and practice pronunication. Look at the links to the websites to help you access games and fun activities to practice what you have learnt.

The next time you are using numbers or are out in a cafe and looking at prices, think how you would say the number in French as another way to help you remember and practice!

Songs are a really good way of remembering numbers, can you make up a song of your own to learn numbers 1-20? Once you are confident with these numbers, move on to the higher numbers!

Follow these hyperlinks to learn more:-

  1. Numbers 1-100
  2. Counting in French
  3. Games to practice

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