he School day

We will be learning more about time – not just half past and o’clock. What other time phrases do you think we will be introducing?

We will also be learning some classroom commands in French, so the things you hear in your classrooms all the time;

‘stand up’, ‘sit down’, ‘listen’ and ‘get out your books’

Look at the video and listen and repeat the phrases that you hear, maybe you could start using them in your classroom!

We will also look at other activites that you do at school and how to explain these in French – what else do you do at school?

Maybe you play a sport, or read books in the library or do some work on the computer?

he School System in France

There are lots of differences between schools in France and Great Britain. Below are some of the main ones; maybe you could chat about these with your friends – would you like to go to school in France?

1) Children in France don’t need to wear an school uniform, they can choose what they wear to school every day!

2) Most school children go home for lunch, they usually have a longer lunch break and would eat a large meal for lunch

3) French schools are usually closed on Wednesday afternoons but some schools are open on Saturday mornings

4) The school day is usually longer in France too, lessons start around 8 o’clock and finish around 5 o’clock.

Follow these hyperlinks to learn more:-

  1. School Subjects
  2. More Time!
  3. Classroom Phrases

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