Something hurts!

​​​​​​​Now that you are familiar with vocabulary for parts of the body, this unit will focus on describing when something hurts or when you are in pain; for example I have a headache or my back hurts.​​​​​​​

How many parts of the body can you remember in French? Look at the image on the left, can you re-label this in French?

​​​​​​​Do you remember the genders of these nouns too?

To say that something hurts in French, you need to use the phrase ‘avoir mal’

Look at the video below, can you learn this song and perform it in class? What is the phrase we need to remember to describe that something hurts? That’s right, it’s ‘J’ai mal’.

Let’s get speaking!

Using the help sheet below, can you and your friends act out a conversation where each of you is describing what hurts! You could see how many problems you can list and remember in one sentence! I have a headache and a backache and a…..and a……! Remember you need the connective ‘et (and) to link your sentences together.

If you act out your problems, it will help you to remember the vocabulary!

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