At the Doctor’s

​​​​​​​In this section we will be looking at the language you need when you are at a Doctor’s surgery. How do you explain to a Dr that you are unwell and what sort of advice would a Dr give you to help you get better?

What kinds of phrases do you think are going to be included in the videos attached in this section?

Take these tablets

Go to bed early

Use these eye drops

We will be looking at numbers again too where you will need to understand how often you must take your medication, for example: twice a day, 3 times a day, once a week.

Understanding Advice

Remember the unit you looked at where we learnt classroom commands in French, for example stand up and sit down? At the Dr’s you hear commands but they use different verbs, for example: ‘take’ these tablets, ‘get’ some sleep, ‘go’ to the dentist.

Look at the PowerPoint in this unit so that you can give some advice to your friends when they are not feeling well!

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