​​​​​​​This unit will focus on learning lots of new words for parts of the body including being able to describe the face. We will remind ourselves of the importance of learning the gender of all the new nouns (words) that we learn.

How do you learn new words? Here are some tips to help you:

1) Write, Cover, Check

​​​​​​​2) Record yourself leaving a gap after the French before you give the answer in English

3) Think about cognates (where words sound and look like their English equivalents).

4) Word association – example la tête = head. Maybe you might remember tête sounds a bit like top where top of the body is the head?

5) Learn new words with friends, play games where you scramble up the letters and you have to then unscramble them to make the word.

Plural nouns

In this topic, we are introduced to plural nouns – where you want to say more than one of something. For example, 2 arms, 2 legs.

What do we do in English most of the time to make a noun plural?

We add an ‘s’ – eye – eyes, hand – hands, finger – fingers

Make sure you read through the PowerPoint in this page to look at what happens in French when you want to make a noun plural!

Follow these hyperlinks to learn more:-

  1. Word List – Body Parts
  2. Word Games
  3. Body Parts – Games

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