Sporting Verbs

​​​​​​​In this section we are going to be looking at the verbs that we need to use when we are talking about sports and instruments.

The two important verbs are:

jouer – to play


faire – to do

​​​​​​​Look at the two videos to see how we change these verbs when we use them in the present tense (I play, she plays).

Which one to choose?

In French you either use the verb faire or jouer when you are describing the sporting activities that you take part in.

jouer means ‘to play’ and faire means ‘to do’

Can you look at the list below and see if you can spot the rule? When do you use the verb jouer and when do you use the verb faire?

tennis, hockey, football, basketball all use jouer (I play hockey, I play football)

swimming, horse riding, skiing and judo all use faire (I do swimming, I do judo)

What do all the sports that use jouer have in common?

That’s right, they all use balls! With ball sports you use jouer (to play), with other activities you use faire (to do)

Follow these hyperlinks to learn more:-

  1. faire and jouer
  2. Activities with faire and jouer
  3. Games to practice verbs

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