Tu aimes le sport?

​​​​​​​This unit will focus on giving your opinion on the different sports that you play and activities that you do.

What activities do you like? Which ones don’t you like? Why do you like them or why don’t you like them?

Do you remember any opinion verbs from the beginners section?

J’adore – I love

J’aime – I like

Je n’aime pas – I don’t like

Je deteste – I hate

Can you use some of these opinion verbs and create a sentence describing a sport you like and an activity that you don’t like.


J’aime le judo mais je n’aime pas la natation – I like judo but I don’t like swimming

Can you say at what time of year you play your sport using the seasons from the picture on the left?

I play football in summer but I do skiing in the winter – Je joue au foot en ete mais je fais du ski en hiver

en + season = in + season

The exception is spring – in spring = au printemps.

Giving reasons for your opinions

It can add a lot of extra detail to your language in French if you can give your opinion but also give a reason for your opinion (we call this justifying your opinion). For example, I like swimming because it is fun – J’aime la natation parce que c’est amusant.

parce que c’est = because it is

How many of the adjectives in the blue box above can you translate so that you can ‘justify’ your opinion. Remember to use cognates when you come across new words.

Can you organise these adjectives into two lists – postive and negative

Can you read the blog below from Kevin – what do you think the phrases underlined mean? Think about cognates!

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