In this section we will be learning about all the things you do in your free time that are sport related!

We will be learning about summer and winter sports, team sports and individual events.

In addition, we will  be learning lots of new words to describe the musical instruments that we play including wind, brass and string instruments.

Tips for Success!

What games can you play with your friends to help you remember some of these new words that you are learning in French?

Here are a few ideas for you to try!

1) missing out letters (example n-t-t-o-) natation = swimming

2) try acting out the sport – doing something funny often helps you remember things

3) jumbling up the letters  – (example al gaurite) la guitare = the guitar.

Follow these hyperlinks to learn more:-

  1. Hobbies
  2. Extreme Sports
  3. Musical Instruments

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