Buying clothes in shops

​​​​​​​How many of the words in the image on the left do you know in English? How many can you recognise using cognates to help you?

Do you remember the phrase you used in the ‘cafe dialogue’ to order food and drink?

That’s right – je voudrais – I would like

You will be using this phrase again but this time asking for clothes in a clothes shop (un magasin de vetements)

Use the video link to help you with the new vocabulary and remember to listen and repeat carefully.

Buying food at a market

If you are in a butchers or a greengrocers or even at a market, you might what to give some extra detail when you are buying your items. Have a look at the image below, can you work out what the items in bold mean in English? Remember to look at cognates to help you and the images of the food item that is being bought, that will help you work out what the quantity might be too!

In the last section, you looked at things that might be available in a range of different shops, can you use je voudrais and some of these quantities below and ask for something at a food market?

Follow these hyperlinks to learn more:-

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  2. Clothes game

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