Describing your clothes

​​Using the vocabulary from the last section on clothes, in this unit you will be able to describe what you wear using the verbs ‘porter’ and ‘mettre’ which both mean ‘to wear’.

We will also be remembering how to give your opinion in French and describe what we think of our clothes; saying whether we like or dislike a particular item of clothing.

Giving your opinion on your look – mon look!

Remember some of the opinion verbs we have looked at over the past few units?

I love – J’adore

I like – J’aime

I prefer – je prefere

Can you use these verbs with your vocabulary on clothes and say what items of clothing you like?

J’aime porter ma chemise – I love to wear my shirt

What is the word for my here?

J’adore mettre mon pantalon – I love to wear my trousers

What is the word for my here?

Why is it different to the previous phrase?

That’s right – the gender of nouns, masculine and feminine

le and la = the (where le is for a masculine noun)

mon and ma = my (where mon is for a masculine noun)

Can you as a challenge say why you like what you like using c’est plus an adjective? Look at the image attached below.

Example: J’aime ma jupe parce que c’est elegant – I like my skirt because it is elegant

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