​​​​​​​This section will introduce you to some new vocaulary for different types of shops.

All of the skills that you have been practising throught your French language learning so far you will need again in this unit;

-recognising the gender of nouns

-authentic pronunciation – so listening carfully to the video links and repeating

-learning new words – how can you you do this? what works best for you?

What can you buy in different shops?

You have seen lots of new names for shops in French – une boulangerie, une charcuterie are a few examples

Using a French dictionary or an online resource, can you make a list in French of at least 5 things that you can buy in each of these different shops? This is another good way of learning new words in a different language – word association.

For example –

‘une boulangerie’  = a baker shop

You could buy:

le pain – bread

la baguette – baguette

Now try and do this for each of the shops that you have looked at in this section – how many new words can you and your friends find!

Make sure you know how to pronounce them and don’t forget, when you learn a new noun – learn the gender too!

Bonne chance! (Good luck!)

Follow these hyperlinks to learn more:-

  1. Shop vocabulary
  2. Different shops
  3. Shopping phrases

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