Good for your health and bad for your health

​​​​​​​Can you make a list of all the foods that are good for you and all the foods that you need to eat only occasionally?

The headings for your two lists are:

Bonne pour la santé

Mauvais pour la santé

What do you think these two headings mean?

You should eat fruit and vegetables 5 times a day!

How often do you eat food that is good for you or bad for you?

Click on the video link below where you will be introduced to some adverbs of frequency.

What is an adverb?

That’s right, it gives you more information on the ‘verb’

So what are adverbs of frequency? Can you name some in English? If the verb we are using is ‘to eat’ what adverbs of frequency would we use?

I always eat fruit

I eat pizza now and then

I sometimes eat broccoli

Where are the adverbs of frequency?

Can you include some to describe how often you eat a particular type of food?

Je mange parfois de la pizza – I sometimes eat pizza

Je mange toujours du poisson – I always eat fish.


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