Describing your food

​​​​In this unit we are going to be looking at a few more adjectives to describe the food that you eat!

What adjectives can you think of in English?

Can you work out what the adjectives on the left mean in English?

Can you use a dictionary or an online resource and translate the adjectives below into French?

Now you can say what you eat and how often you eat it AND say why…..because it is……parce que c’est

Je mange parfois de la pizza parce que c’est délicieux

How many more sentences can you create describing what you eat, how often and why.

Can you follow a French recipe?

What sort of ‘verbs’ do you see in a recipe?

stir, mix, weigh, cut, chop, melt, grate……..

Can you use an online resource or a dictionary and find these verbs in French?

Can you follow the receipe below to make a cheese and ham toasted sandwich in French?

Do you know what this is called in French?

Croque Monsieur!

What about the equipment that you need when you cook?

knife, bowl, spoon, scales, mixing bowl…..

Can you find these items in French?

Follow these hyperlinks to learn more:-

  1. French recipes
  2. Items in a kitchen
  3. The word for ‘some’

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